Teams drafting in front of the Falcons that need a quarterback

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In an ideal world, the Falcons will be able to stay at eight and their quarterback of choice will be available when they are on the clock. There appears to be a clear-cut top three — Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels — as of right now. However, it’s still early on in the process. Things can change, and perhaps even a fourth quarterback — one of Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr, or JJ McCarthy — enters the conversation of being a potential top 10 pick. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of teams picking in the top 10 that need a quarterback. Here’s how it might shake out in front of the Falcons.

1. Chicago Bears

The top pick in this year’s draft is going to be a quarterback. The Bears own the first pick, and it ultimately feels like they will move off Justin Fields and take one of Jayden Daniels, Caleb Williams, or Drake Maye. I expect it to be Williams, but I’ve been surprised before. If the Bears do decide to hang onto Fields, however, that presents the Falcons the option to move up the board, something they should seriously consider.

2. Washington Commanders

The Commanders might be in the most envious situation of the entire draft. They desperately need a quarterback and can just sit back and wait for whatever happens in front of them, selecting their favorite of the two top quarterbacks remaining on the board.

3. New England Patriots

It’s very possible, actually expected, that the top three picks in the draft go quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. The Patriots still have Mac Jones under contract, but the expectation is that he is traded, allowing them to reset with a new coaching staff and rookie quarterback. Anything else would be surprising, but there is a chance they aren’t in love with the quarterback prospect that remains and pivot in a different direction.

4. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have made it known they plan to stick with Kyler Murray. This is a spot the Falcons will be monitoring closely. If for some reason the top three quarterbacks don’t go with the first three picks, this is where the Falcons could look to trade up and select their quarterback of the future.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

With Justin Herbert in the fold, there’s no chance the Chargers are looking to take a quarterback in the first round.

6. New York Giants

The Giants have Daniel Jones under contract, and he very well could be starting for them next year. However, that shouldn’t stop them from taking a quarterback with the sixth pick if they find one to their liking. They are definitely another hurdle the Falcons will have to consider if they want to land a quarterback in the first round.

7. Tennessee Titans

With Will Levis showing flashes of brilliance as a rookie, I don’t expect the Titans to be in the market for a quarterback. Look for them to continue to build around Levis through the draft and free agency.

By my count, there are four teams currently picking in front of the Falcons that will be seriously considering the quarterback position this offseason. There are also several more selecting right behind them like the Broncos, Raiders, and Vikings that could get in the mix by trading up. If the Falcons want to land the prospect of their choice, they may have to get aggressive with a trade package.

Photographer: David Jensen/Icon Sportswire

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