Terry Pendleton Should Be the Next Braves Manager


It’s no secret that Fredi Gonzalez has outwelcomed his stay in Atlanta. Though handpicked by Bobby Cox to succeed him, and the organization was so set on him that they did not interview a single other candidate, he is simply just not a good manager. Period. He can’t handle late-inning situations and he sure as hell can’t manage a bullpen. His in-game tactics are pathetic. Frank Wren took a lot of the blame for the Braves’ collapse last season. While he surely made some questionable moves as the GM, he has become a scapegoat for our failures. The majority of the load should fall on the shoulders of Fredi Gonzalez. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports recently came forth saying that it’s no secret that John Hart is not the biggest fan of our current manager, who is in the final season of his contract, and that there has been some “internal finger-pointing.”  I’m tired of seeing the managerial malpractice, and I’m sure the organization is as well. If the Braves are serious about winning in the future, Fredi must go.

The man who should be running this team is the man who has paid the most dues of anybody on our bench for over a decade: Terry Pendleton. Pendleton played for the Braves from 1991-1994, and returned once again in 1996 when the club traded back for him. In 1991, he was voted the league’s MVP. Pendleton kicked off his coaching career with Atlanta in 2002 when he was hired to be our hitting coach. He occupied this position until 2011, when he became our first base coach. He received strong consideration from the Cardinals when they looked to replace Tony La Russa. Why Terry Pendleton though, you might ask? Well for one we all know he’s a great baseball mind. He’s been around the game his whole life, has fourteen years of coaching experience, has occupied various coaching roles and has seen the game from the perspective of a switch-hitter. But what I like about Pendleton is that he’s old school. Ever since Bobby Cox has retired, the Braves haven’t had the same type of “fire” from the manager position. Look, obviously it’s hard replacing the all-time leader in ejections, but Fredi just doesn’t seem to have the motivational skills to carry this team. It’s rare you see him really stand behind his players, or hear of him keeping anyone in line. This won’t be a problem with Terry Pendleton. We all remember him grabbing Chris Johnson when he threw a helmet and it hit someone in 2013. The two made up the next day, no hard feelings. Pendleton is no BS, 100% professional. And with the Braves banking on raising young talent to succeed in the future, I want a guy like Terry Pendleton to keep them in line.


Yea, let me know when Fredi shows that much passion. Pendleton’s attached to Atlanta. He lives with his family in Duluth, and withdrew his name from consideration when he received interest from the Washington Nationals regarding their managerial search as he felt obligated to stay with Atlanta. We all know how the Braves operate, they keep things internal. While many may want a new face if we have an opening for manager, it’s likely that it will be either Bo Porter or Terry Pendleton (Eddie Perez a sleeper?). My hope is that one of two get a chance at an interim position by season’s end. Pendleton deserves a shot, and I’ve seen enough of Frediot. So has the rest of Braves Country

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3 thoughts on “Terry Pendleton Should Be the Next Braves Manager”

  1. While I would love to see Coach P…. At the helm. CFG is our current coach and I have to support him till he is replaced.

  2. Please get someone that care. Terry. Pendleton would be a good one. They need some one else.

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