The Braves may need Drew Waters sooner rather than later

Braves Drew Waters

Friend of the podcast Drew Waters has been on fire of late for AAA Gwinnett, and with Atlanta’s offense looking very anemic at times, you have to start considering his future in order to make this team more competitive.

Waters doesn’t come without his share of concerns; he has struck out at a very high rate and got off to a slow start in Gwinnett. However, guys can strike out as much as they want when they’re posting a 1.013 OPS and mashing to the gaps. He has also stolen five bags over the past week.

I don’t think the Braves will call up Waters anytime soon; they have a semi-crowded outfield and there are service time implications that I’m sure the organization is cautious of. I assumed Atlanta would wait to call up Waters in 2022 after the CBA that’s going to be negotiated this offseason was finalized, which could include the universal DH. This would open up a spot for Waters with Marcell Ozuna sliding out of the outfield. Still, with the offense looking this bad and a spark desperately needed, Braves fans could see Waters in the outfield at Truist Park way sooner than expected — potentially this summer if he keeps up this level of play.

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