The Draft Network proposes this trade between the Falcons and Ravens for Lamar Jackson

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The Falcons are going to be a team that’s connected to Lamar Jackson — for better or for worse. It makes some sense, Desmond Ridder has shown some promise, but MVP quarterbacks rarely enter the trade market. The trade hypotheticals have already started:

Here’s what Kyle Crabbs had to say:

8. Baltimore Ravens (via ATL)*

Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson

BAL receives: 1.8, 2.39, 4.110, 2024 1st-rounder, 2025 1st-rounder
ATL receives: Lamar Jackson


How’s this for a big splash at quarterback? Seattle, Carolina, and Indianapolis land prized prospects at the position, whereas the Falcons land one of the *BIG* fish with a trade for Lamar Jackson in this scenario. The inspiration for the trade package is the deal that sent Deshaun Watson from Houston to Cleveland last spring. Jackson has been angling for a fully guaranteed contract and the Ravens have been seemingly apprehensive to concede that point. Given that the Falcons were players in the Watson market last offseason (and actually held point until a late push from the Browns) gives me confidence the team wouldn’t balk at high guaranteed money or the trade cost.

For the Ravens, the pass-rush group has young talent but the fact that Justin Houston has been the team’s most potent pass rusher should tell you plenty. The Ravens, amid their changing of the guard offensively, land a star pass rusher out of Clemson to help boost the group.

You’re still here? Take your time; let it sink in. But while you’re stewing on the deal, consider this: let’s get Geno Smith to Baltimore as the heir to Jackson while we’re at it. The Seahawks moved up for Young earlier in this NFL mock draft, which means Smith is free to find a landing spot of choice. I’d love to see Smith step in and see what Baltimore can do to reshape the offense.

It makes a lot of sense, but three first-round picks is a steep price to pay for a quarterback that will need a new contract. Jackson is slated to be the next highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, and the Falcons have the cap space to make it happen. However, they are still a very incomplete team, and this is a very flawed Falcons roster that needs those picks and cap space. However, Jackson will undoubtedly draw many talented players to Atlanta and make the team exciting again.

We’ll see if the Falcons decide to pull the trigger on a move like this. It would be one of the biggest moves in franchise history.

Photographer: David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

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