The Hawks postseason journey will be difficult, but not impossible

Atlanta Hawks Trae Young

Trae Young and the Hawks made the play-in tournament. It was a rollercoaster ride of a regular season, which saw them battle some key injuries. Eventually, though, they won when it counted and finished 43-39. Atlanta now has to win the play-in tournament to make the playoffs and get the privilege of facing the 1-seed Miami Heat.

Wednesday night, the Hawks play the Hornets to determine who moves on to face the loser of the 7 vs. 8 game. The matchup with Charlotte will be challenging. The two teams are evenly matched, splitting the season series two games apiece.

If the Hawks win, they’ll play the loser of the Nets vs. Cavaliers game, and if somehow they win that, they’ll have a well-rested Heat team waiting for them on the other side. 

A series with Miami would be quite interesting, but the Hawks would be severe underdogs. The Heat have beaten the Hawks three out of four games this season, but with that being said, I wouldn’t totally count Atlanta out. Playoff basketball oftentimes comes down to who has the best player on the floor, and the Hawks would unquestionably have that in Trae Young against Miami. 

Young is a sight to behold in the postseason, and the Hawks will need every ounce of his magic to even get out of the play-in tournament. But if they can somehow make it in to the big dance, I don’t believe anyone will be thrilled to face them. 

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