The lottery continues to hate the Hawks

adam silver2

I said it before the draft, if you were excited about the Hawks potentially landing a top pick, you’re a clown. I even called myself one.

Admit it, you fell for it, I fell for it, we all did. For some reason, we thought the lottery gods would be in our favor, and once again, they crushed our dreams.

The Hawks will be picking sixth, a spot they had around a 25% of landing — the highest chance of any pick in the draft. However, they had over a 50% chance of picking in the top four and a 12.5% chance of selecting first overall. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Hawks have been one of the most unlucky teams in the lottery since the NBA started it in 1985. They have never landed the first overall pick, and they’ve had their fair share of down years.

Luckily, the top pick in this year’s draft is down compared to most classes, and Travis Schlenk has shown he can find talent at any stage of the draft. Hopefully, this is the last time the Hawks find themselves relying on the lottery to better the team.


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