The NBA’s newest beef: Dejounte Murray vs. Paolo Banchero

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Dejounte Murray hasn’t even suited up in a Hawks uniform yet, and I’m already sold that he’s going to be the answer to the problems in Atlanta. The man just loves to hoop, and this weekend, Murray suited up at an NBA Pro-Am and gave this year’s #1 overall pick Paolo Banchero an early welcome to the league moment.

That was just the first of many exchanges between the two during the game. Later on, Murray had some choice words for Banchero, calling him “soft.”

The beef wasn’t just left on the court, either. Following the game, the two took the heat to social media, beginning with Banchero, who said Murray unfollowed him on Instagram.

To which Murray responded.

Banchero seemed to attempt to take the high road afterward, but Murray wasn’t having it.

I love every bit of this, and if this is who Murray is to the core, he’s exactly what the Hawks need. The most glaring difference between last year’s team and the one that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals was the lack of intensity. The Hawks didn’t really have anyone that brought the energy, and they lacked toughness, particularly on the defensive end. Murray can add in that area, and I’m giddy to see how the Hawks mesh once the season starts.

Photo: John McCoy/Icon Sportswire

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