The worst guy you know picked the Falcons to win the NFC South

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Somehow, Chris Simms has been worse in his post-NFL career than he was playing in the actual league. He consistently tries to be the smartest guy in the room, which generally ends up with him getting dragged on the internet. Hopefully, his latest prediction doesn’t follow suit because he believes the Falcons will win the NFC South.

Simms most recently dominated headlines for his egregious comments about a personality on Twitter — TuAnon — passing away and how donations to his widow and kids have perpetuated a trolling culture. Simms received a ton of backlash, but if you’ve followed Simms at all in his post-playing career, it’s not all that surprising.

He tries to be a contrarian, which I can relate to, but he takes it too far. For instance, Trevor Lawrence was widely considered one of the greatest quarterback prospects to ever enter the draft. Simms decided to go against the grain and rank Zach Wilson ahead of Lawrence in his annual quarterback rankings.

They’ve only been in the league for two years, but T Law is ascending towards being one of the best in the league, while Wilson has the same stats as JaMarcus Russell through two seasons. It’s just one of countless examples of Simms being a bozo.

He’s one of those characters in the media where you want him to choose the opposite of where your allegiances lie. It’s like Jim Cramer picking stocks; you do not want Chris Simms picking your stocks.

Fortunately, there’s no such thing as jinxes, and the Falcons are in a prime position to punch their ticket to the postseason, returning for the first time since 2017. Moreover, winning the division and hosting a playoff game for the first time since 2016 is within reach.

The Saints are the Falcons’ stiffest competition, but there’s reason for fans to feel optimistic. New Orleans’ roster is one of the least talented they’ve had in years, particularly along the offensive and defensive lines, where they’ve been far superior in recent years. Sure, Derek Carr is head and shoulders better than Desmond Ridder, but Carr isn’t good enough to overcome the shortcomings of Pete Carmichael¬†and Dennis Allen.

Falcons fans should feel good about their chances to win the division, even if the worse guy you know — Chris Simms — picked them to win.

Photographer: Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire
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