There is no comparing Philadelphia baseball fans to Atlanta baseball fans

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There have been some clowns on Twitter spouting off about how much more expensive it is to go to a Philadelphia playoff baseball game than it is to go in Atlanta. That is undoubtedly true, but these clowns want to completely ignore the reality of the situation.

First and foremost, the Braves played in the middle of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday. They still had no problem packing the house, but it’s no surprise that ticket prices went down once the times of the games were announced. The Phillies, on the other hand, will be playing an early evening game on a Friday and an afternoon game on a Saturday. Of course, it will be much easier for everyone in the city to attend on those days.┬áSecondly, this is the Phillies World Series. They haven’t been to the NLDS in over a decade, and they happen to be facing a division rival and the reigning World Series champions. The Braves are a draw in opposing cities; the Phillies are not.

There is genuinely no comparison between these two fan bases. The Braves ranked fourth in the entire league in home attendance this season, serving over 3 million visitors and averaging over 38,000 guests per game. Meanwhile, the Phillies were 16th in home attendance, averaging more than 10,000 fewer fans per game than Atlanta.

And if you’re still a half-brain from Philadelphia that wants to pound your chest and act like they have a better fan base because ticket prices are more expensive, how about we ask a current player?

Jazz Chisholm is an All-Star second baseman for the Marlins. He gets to play in Atlanta and Philadelphia ten times a year, and he had a quick answer for which stadium has a better atmosphere.

Don’t get me wrong; Philadelphia is going to be crazy this weekend. They are a starving fan base, but they are also fair weather fans. During the biggest games of the regular season, they couldn’t even sell out. In Atlanta, the place is packed 81 games every season. There are levels to this stuff, and baseball fans in Philadelphia don’t even come close to comparing to Atlanta.

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