This Spencer Strider quote is both comical and terrifying

MLB: JUN 14 Braves at Tigers

This past weekend, an unstoppable force met a supposed immovable object. The Braves offense has been on fire for over a month, but nobody had been pitching better than the Marlins starters over the last few weeks. The result? Another three game sweep and an onslaught courtesy of the Braves offense.

Spencer Strider was the starter for the series finale and delivered another gem, allowing just two earned runs over 6.2 innings. The Braves now own a nine-game lead in the division and the best record in baseball. They’ve been a nightmare for every opponent that has a lineup against them, and this Spencer Strider quote describing the Braves recent run is both comical and terrifying for the rest of the league.

“That’s huge,” Strider said, via Justin Toscano of The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It’s still early, early in the season. But they’re all big games. We kind of show up every day and try to just kind of be as level-headed as we can. We kind of think of the first half as practice for the second half in a way. We like where we are. We’re doing a good job of treating each day as its own sort of task, and we’d like to carry the momentum into the (future).”

I’ve said since Opening Day that the Braves are the class of baseball, so to say I’m surprised would be a lie. I knew a run similar to this was in the cards, but hearing someone on the team call the first half of the season “practice” is downright hilarious. It also should serve as a warning for the rest of the league.

The Braves expect to play like this. They know how much talent is in the building and are well aware that nobody can stop them when they are at their best. They also aren’t satisfied by a hot stretch in the summer months. The ultimate test of a team comes in the fall, and they know everything that happens between now and October isn’t all that relevant. It’s championship or bust in Atlanta. Anything short of a World Series will be looked at as a disappointment, not just by the fans, but by the players as well.

Photo: Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire

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