What Dean Pees says to expect from the Falcons defense

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Dean Pees is coming out of retirement to join the Falcons staff as the defensive coordinator. In his first meeting with the Atlanta media today, he said that he is returning because he missed the game, but more importantly, because of Arthur Smith — who he loved working with in Tennessee.

Pees then went on to give a brief description of what Falcons fans can expect from his defense. When asked whether they would make a switch to a 3-4, he responded that his defense will give multiple looks.

If you read our own Alex Lord’s breakdown of Dean Pees’ scheme, you know that’s the case. Pees will give offenses a plethora of looks in an attempt to confuse the quarterback, like this one against the Cleveland Browns.


Something else stands out in that play; Pees loves to blitz, and he loves to disguise his blitzes, sending men from any direction, which he said Falcons fans should expect in 2021. Everyone on the field will be capable of coming after the quarterback. Pees wants to force opponents to be responsible for each player.

We won’t know until the season starts just how effective Pees can be with the Falcons personnel. However, at the very least, we know he will dial up some crazy ass plays that will be fun to watch each Sunday.

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