What does the Sam Darnold trade to the Panthers mean for the Falcons?

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We got a nice Schefty bomb this afternoon, as Sam Darnold is headed to a division rival.


I don’t think this is a terrible move for Carolina, Sam Darnold got a raw deal being paired with Adam Gase. They didn’t give up much in return, and he could be solid in 2021. So what does this have to do with the Falcons?

Panthers are unlikely to take a quarterback 8th overall

This is the obvious one; there is one less bidder for a quarterback in this draft. Teams like the Broncos, Patriots, or even the Lions may still try to make a big move up, but Carolina is unlikely to select a quarterback. However, this implies that if Atlanta does move back to nine, perhaps one of Trey Lance, Justin Fields, or Mac Jones could still be available. I still find it unlikely, and there will be an aggressive trade made with somebody.


Kyle Pitts’ floor is the 8th pick

I don’t think Kyle Pitts will even make it this far, but there is no way he’s getting past Carolina 8th overall. With McCaffrey and DJ Moore in the fold, the Panthers will likely continue to try to make life easier on Sam Darnold. If the Falcons move back to 9th, they aren’t getting Pitts.


The Falcons have one less trade partner

I didn’t anticipate the Falcons dealing with a division rival anyways, but now it’s certainly off the board. There should still be a few bidders remaining. However, this could easily increase the value of the fourth pick, as it was reported the Broncos were very interested in Darnold and remain interested in Justin Fields.


The Jets are locked into a quarterback 2nd overall

Yeah, another obvious one, but this cements it — the Jets are taking a quarterback with the 2nd overall pick. I thought they could take a swing at Penei Sewell, but it’s looking like Zach Wilson will be the next face of the New York Jets.

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