What is the scenario for the Falcons to get into the playoffs?

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The Falcons are mathematically alive in the NFC playoff race, but they’ll need some help in order to make the playoffs under Arthur Smith in his first season as head coach. Currently, the Cardinals, Eagles, and 49ers hold the three Wild Card spots in the NFC. That’s bad news for the Falcons, as they have suffered losses to the latter two. At 7-8, the Falcons are right behind those three, as well as the 7-8 Vikings and 7-7 Saints, who play tonight. The season finale against New Orleans could have massive implications if the Falcons get a season-changing win in Buffalo on Sunday

That game against the Bills is likely the toughest challenge for Atlanta, as they have consistently gotten drubbed by superior opponents. The next tallest task would likely be Washington beating Philadelphia. The Vikings losing to Green Bay or Chicago isn’t unthinkable, but they are divisional games. The Falcons could also get in if the 49ers lost their last two games, but they play Houston next week, so I don’t like the chances of that happening.

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