What should the Falcons ask for if the Jets call about a Taylor Heinicke trade?

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If you know a Jets fan, give them a hug; they’re having a rough morning. New quarterback Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles and is done for the year, and his career could potentially be over. Names to replace Rodgers are flying around after Zach Wilson’s mediocre performance in relief. Blake Bortles, Jameis Winston, former Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, and current Falcon Taylor Heinicke have all been mentioned. Of course, you have to think the Falcons would be interested if the Jets called about Heinicke, but this presents them with a lot of risk.

Heinicke signed with the Falcons this offseason on a two-year, $14 million deal — a fair price for a guy who went toe-to-toe with Tom Brady in a playoff game. Heinicke insists he was always brought in to be a backup, but the former Old Dominion Monarch has proven a lot more in this league than Desmond Ridder has. Regardless, we have yet to see him in action this season, but the Jets could be interested in his services with his team-friendly deal and playoff experience. However, should the Falcons even consider it with their own volatility at quarterback?

By trading Heinicke, the Falcons could get a draft pick or two, but they’d be left with Logan Woodside as their backup quarterback. Not only has Desmond Ridder’s performance been shaky through one week, but he took a lot of hits against the Panthers. The Falcons will have to weigh the risk of trading Heinicke with the potential return, and that’s easier said than done.

If I’m Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot, I’m focused on winning. You spent a lot of money in free agency, and now isn’t the time to go back to selling off spare parts for draft picks. Unless the Jets offer a second round pick, I’m not interested in making any sort of deal. If they do offer a second round pick (they won’t), I think you’re forced to hear them out and make a tough decision.

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