What the trade for Jeremy Lin means for the Hawks


We knew the Hawks were going to do something this offseason, the question was exactly what was spinning around in Travis Schlenk’s head. They painted quite a clear picture when they traded for the contract of Jeremy Lin and a future second-round pick for 2016 second-round pick Isaiah Cordinier. The deal also gives Atlanta the rights to swap second-round picks with Brooklyn in 2023. This was a part of a three-team trade between the Nuggets, Nets and Hawks that took place late last night.

The Nets took on the contracts of Darrell Arthur and Kenneth Faried from the Nuggets, saving Denver approximately $21 million. The Nets received a 2019 protected first-round pick and a future second-round pick in return from Denver.

This deal really makes a lot of sense for Atlanta, as they have been rumored to be shopping their starting point guard Dennis Schroder for quite a while now. They must be confident that they can find a suitor because this trade all but guarantees Schroder will be donning another uniform next season.

One of the biggest reasons for holding on to Schroder was the development of rookie point guard Trae Young. It would be a shame for Atlanta to ruin their fifth overall selection by forcing him into a starting role right away. With Lin now in town, those worries no longer exist. He can be the veteran presence that takes some of the pressure off Young his rookie season.

Lin is entering the final year of his 3-year, $38 million deal that will pay him just over $12.5 million this season. If the Hawks are able to rid the contract of Schroder in a trade, they will save $3 million this season and possibly over $30 million the two seasons after that, depending on what they receive in return for Schroder.



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