What’s next for the Hawks after extending Bogdan Bogdanovic?

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The Hawks made their first big personnel move of the Quin Snyder era by handing Bogdan Bogdanovic a four-year, $68 million contract extension, which seemingly came out of nowhere. The Serbian Sniper is having another solid year in Atlanta, but he’s dealt with multiple injury concerns over the last three seasons and isn’t getting any younger.

It’s apparent Snyder values what Bogdanovic brings to the offense, given he’s far and away the best three-point shooter on the team and Snyder would like to play a fast pace style of game that shoots a lot of threes. However, this roster needs major changes if they want to ever break out of the cycle of mediocrity they are currently stuck in. So, what’s next for the Hawks in terms of personnel changes?

On the latest episode of SportsTalkATL, Chase Irle, Alex Lord, and Jake Gordon discuss the Bogdan Bogdanovic extension as well as the vision for the Hawks moving forward.

Photo: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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