Where would Braves Country most hate for Dansby Swanson to sign?

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The Braves are one of several teams bidding for Dansby Swanson‘s services, and the market is heating up following Carlos Correa inking a deal with the Giants. That makes Swanson the hottest commodity for shortstop-needy teams, a list that seemingly grows every week. As things stand right now, the Braves will compete with the Cubs, Twins, Red Sox, Cardinals, Dodgers, and potentially more clubs.

Obviously, my first preference would be for him to return to his hometown team on what will likely be a sweetheart deal. Realistically, that scenario is becoming unlikely, considering the number of deep-pocket suitors courting him. So, where would Braves Country most hate for Dansby Swanson to sign?

Boston said goodbye to Xander Bogaerts, who is, by all accounts, an exceptional person and player. Swanson would fit nicely on and off the field with Boston. At the same time, the Twins saw Carlos Correa sign a record-breaking contract with the Giants. Both clubs would love to replace their star shortstops with Swanson. But the Red Sox and Twins shouldn’t really bother many fans (unless you have a personal vendetta) because they reside in the American League. Honestly, if it weren’t the Braves, I wouldn’t mind seeing Swanson play for a historic franchise like the Red Sox.

So, that leaves the National League teams — Cubs, Dodgers, and Cardinals. Swanson’s new bride, Mallory Pugh, lives in Chicago, where she plays professional soccer. So, the Cubs have that going for them, but other than the club being in the NL Central, there isn’t much to hate about them. The Braves wouldn’t want to see Swanson in the postseason, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The Cubs are a storied franchise, and it wouldn’t bother me too much to see Swanson in Wrigley Field. However, the same cannot be said for the other two.

Los Angeles saw Trea Turner ink a $300 million deal with the Phillies and have plenty of money to bring Freddie Freeman‘s old teammate out west. Given the recent history between the Dodgers and Braves, it would be understandable if this were the worst-case scenario for some fans. Seeing Freeman and Swanson sign with one of the club’s biggest rivals in back-to-back offseasons would add insult to injury. However, St. Louis is no dream landing spot for Braves fans either.

Some Braves fans especially hate the Cardinals. Whether it’s their distaste for Tony La Russa, who managed the club from 1996 to 2011, or the organization’s pompous attitude toward how they play the game. There seems to be a faction of their fan base that believes they invented the game of baseball — “The Cardinal Way” like they’re the Yankees or something. They’ve also beaten the Braves several times in elimination games. The most recent being when the Braves allowed 10 runs in the first inning in Game 5 of the NLDS at Truist Park.

Which would be the worst-case scenario for Braves Country?

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