Why Daniel Murphy’s Red Hot October Is Bad News For Atlanta.

For those of you that gave up on baseball after the Braves finished near dead last, Daniel Murphy has come alive in the postseason. Murphy is in a contract year in which he is only making $8 million. This number is WELL within Atlanta’s price range. I don’t think anyone in the league saw Murphy batting .421 with a .436 OBP and a 1.026 Slugging percentage. He’s hit 7 home runs in October, HALF of what he had in 162 regular season games. Murphy is hot, and delivering a performance for the ages.

Good for him. I don’t think John Coppolella is as happy. Murphy went from impending cheap free agent to HERO in New York, of all places. If the Mets win the World Series LIKE THIS, Murph isn’t going anywhere. New York fans won’t allow it.  I was hoping the Braves could ink him to a 2 year, $17 million dollar deal given that he would have an average postseason.


He didn’t.


Murphy’s playoff performance is one for the ages, and his agent has got to be drooling at the thought of Murphy being a World Series hero for New York. Murphy could become a 2 year, $30 million kind of guy after what he’s done for the Mets. He’s not even close to worth it, but the pure adrenaline of winning the title could get the Mets to open their checkbooks. The last chance the Braves have of getting Murph for 2016? He chokes. Plain and simple. In true New York fashion, Murphy is going to have to cool off. A lot. I’m talking sub .200, no home runs, few to none RBIs. Oh, and the Mets would have to lose to Kansas City.

Murphy would make an excellent addition to our club. In the regular season, he quietly hit .281 with 14 HRs and a .322 OBP. He would have been a good, possibly cheap signing that could turn into a valuable trade chip at the deadline. It seems the Braves don’t have a chance at Murphy anymore, but we’ll have to see how the October Classic plays out.



Game 1- Kansas City 4, New York 3

Game 2- Kansas City 1, New York 6 (Big Game from DeGrom)

Game 3- Kansas City 3, New York 2 (F/11)

Game 4- Kansas City 5, New York 8

Game 5- Kansas City 12, New York 9

Game 6- Kansas City 4, New York 2

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