Will Brian McCann Be A Brave Before Tomorrow?

There have been rumors swirling that a Brian McCann reunion is in the works.


McCann is loved by most fans in Atlanta, and the Braves have lacked a true catcher since McCann’s last year with the team in 2013. The former Braves backstop has consistently called Georgia his home, and I think he would waive his no-trade clause to come back to his home team. This year, McCann is hitting .235 with 15 Home Runs. That’s not very good, and he has hit .230 consistently over his past 3 years. He still has the ability to hit, but his numbers are showing that as of now, he’s overpaid. Badly. This will come down to how much salary the Yankees are willing to eat, but maybe some more fans would come to the park to see B-Mac behind the plate again.

McCann is signed through 2019, when he will be turning 35. McCann is over the hill, and he’s slated to make $17m in 2016-2018, and will make $15m in 2019. That’s a lot, so if Coppolella can get New York to take about $9-$11 million for each year, we can have McCann for around $6 million a year.


The big hump in these talks is “how much money are the Yankees willing to eat?” If New York takes enough, Braves fans may be re-united with a true fan favorite? My Package For Brian McCann:

“The New York Yankees trade Brian McCann & Cash Considerations to the Atlanta Braves for Zack Bird, Braxton Davidson, and a player to be named later.


Bird has an 8.53 ERA and a lot of control problems, he’s still a long way away and is fading in this deep system. Davidson has power, but is only hitting .228 on the season. Since the Yankees are selling, we can give up 2 prospects we don’t need as badly for a veteran catcher.


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