Will Levis to visit the Falcons, other teams this week

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The Falcons are doing their homework on the quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft, as Kentucky QB Will Levis will be the latest to visit Flowery Branch this week. Arthur Smith’s old squad will be meeting with Levis as well:

I don’t dislike Levis as much as some other fans, but I’m also not sold on him being a top-ten pick. I think if a team in the late teens or twenties grabbed him, he’d be much more set up for success. I don’t think he’s a guy who should start immediately on a bad team, or any team for that matter. From my evaluation on Levis:

I don’t think Will Levis is some can’t miss prospect, but the pendulum swing to the other side of the spectrum is out of control. I think he’s somewhere in the middle of being the first overall pick and being undraftable, which seems to be the two sides of this argument. Yes, Levis does have a great arm and mobility, but he played pretty poorly in 2022. Remember, Josh Allen is the exception, not the rule. In terms of mechanics, especially his eyes and feet, Levis could use some work. I do think he has franchise quarterback potential so long that he isn’t thrust into the spotlight from day one. He has a live arm that he showed off at the combine, and I think he’s worth a first round pick in the latter half.

We’ll see if the Falcons gamble on a quarterback, but at this point, they seem pretty committed to Desmond Ridder. Never hurts to make sure you leave no stone unturned.

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