Would the Falcons trade up to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft?

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The Bears hold the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, but with Justin Fields on the roster, Chicago can auction off the selection to the highest bidder. The Falcons haven’t been mentioned as potential suitors, yet it’s a possibility for a team without a franchise quarterback. It won’t be cheap, though. Adam Schefter reported the Bears will have “unbelievable offers” for a pick that will “be worth a small fortune.”

Some Falcons fans might not be willing to give up significant assets to acquire the rights to the first pick, but when an opportunity arises to draft a franchise quarterback, organizations have to act.

The Falcons haven’t eluded to their intentions with the position this offseason. Desmond Ridder impressed, showing poise and steady growth in each outing. However, the former third-round pick certainly hasn’t done enough to just be given the starting job in 2023 without competition, let alone the franchise quarterback title.

Atlanta could see Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, or even Will Levis as blue chip prospects worthy of trading up for. If that’s the case, they should absolutely go get their guy. The uncertainty surrounding the cost may give some fans pause, which is fair, but rarely do opportunities like this present themselves.

It’s the most challenging position in sports to play, which is why so many teams get their evaluations wrong year after year. When a situation comes about for the Falcons to potentially land a talent like this quarterback class has, they have to act, regardless of Desmond Ridder’s standing.

ESPN’s Matt Miller dropped a mock draft, with the Colts trading up for the Bears’ No. 1 pick. Chicago received Indy’s No. 4, No. 35 picks, a fourth-rounder, and a third-rounder in 2024.

“I spoke to a few people in the league for context on what might seem like a fair deal, and this fits for both franchises,” Miller wrote.

Now, Falcons fans might see that and think, “wow, that’s cheap; we should do that.” It’s not that simple. The Falcons own the No. 8 pick to the Colts’ No. 4, which creates a situation where the Bears wouldn’t have their choice of an elite defender. To me, Chicago doesn’t need to trade down any further than the No. 3 pick to ensure they land one of Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. That’s just me, though.

Moreover, it would cost considerably more capital for the Falcons to move up seven slots than for the Colts to move up from their spot. It might make fans uncomfortable to give up those assets, given the state of the roster, but this is a quarterback-driven league. The Falcons might like Desmond Ridder; they could love one of the 2023 prospects.

Photographer: Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire
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