According to Vegas, the Braves are not the favorite to land Freddie Freeman

dkb180921038 braves vs phillies

This definitely surprised me a bit. According to Las Vegas oddsmakers, the Braves are no longer the favorite to sign Freddie Freeman in free agency.

That title belongs to the New York Yankees, who have reportedly been interested in Freeman since the beginning of free agency. However, the Braves aren’t too far behind them at +250, meaning that if you bet 100 dollars, you would win 250.

I still believe Freddie stays in Atlanta for the rest of his career, but I would be lying if I said these odds didn’t worry me a bit. Vegas generally knows better than anyone, and the fact that Freddie isn’t a clear favorite to return should tell Braves fans all they need to know. There’s a real chance he’s donning another uniform come Opening Day.

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