Alex Anthopoulos has some interesting comments about Max Fried and the trade deadline

Braves trade deadline

I’d be pretty surprised if the Braves don’t make some sort of trade before Tuesday. As we’ve seen in the past, things can move pretty quickly leading up to the deadline. The Braves are in a weird spot; they should get Max Fried and Kyle Wright back at some point, but they still may need some help. Jim Bowden asked Alex Anthopoulos about Fried and the deadline, and the answers are pretty exciting:

The whole Max Fried thing isn’t surprising, but the comment that the Braves “aren’t close” to any trades definitely is. I’m surprised Anthopoulos even publicly commented on it. The fact that the Braves aren’t super deep into trade talks shouldn’t be too worrisome; things develop quickly at this time of the year. The Braves could follow their status quo and grab a few more under-the-radar pieces, or they could look to make a big move for a player like Josh Hader. Regardless, I love the trade deadline, and this year should be pretty exciting for Braves fans.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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