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The 2020 MLB Draft is all over, and with just four picks during the event, it shouldn’t be too difficult to track the Braves’ selections from last week. However, given all the undrafted free agents left to sign, there could be more than 30 players picked up by the Braves when it’s all said and done, which will make things more challenging. 

So as a result, we’ve built our own tracker here at SportsTalkATL, meant to update every day or so with the Braves’ latest signings and any relevant news. The table below includes each player selected from the draft, and the players signed thus far from the current undrafted FA pool. As draftees’ signing bonuses are officially released, we will update figures accordingly.

*Below the table, I have included the Braves’ total bonus pool allotment as well as what the organization has spent thus far.


Braves 2020 Draft Tracker

RD / Pick Name / Pos. School Slot Value Sign? (Y or N) Actual Bonus
1 / 25 Jared Shuster / LHP Wake Forest $2,740,300 Y $2,197,500
3 / 97 Jesse Franklin / OF Michigan $599,100 Y $497,500
4 / 126 Spencer Strider / RHP Clemson $451,800 Y $451,800
5 / 156 Bryce Elder / RHP Texas $336,600 Y $850,000
UFA Landon Stephens / UTIL Miami (OH) $20,000 max Y $20,000
UFA Carter Linton / RHP Tusculum College  $20,000 max Y $20,000
UFA Bryson Horne / 1B Columbus State $20,000 max Y $20,000
UFA Ethan Workinger / OF San Diego City College $20,000 max Y $20,000
UFA Cam Shepherd / SS Georgia $20,000 max Y $20,000
UFA Antonio Barranca / C, 3B, OF Pennsylvania HS $20,000 max Y


Total pool — $4,127,800

Pool left — $131,000

Pool used — $3,996,800


Monday, June 22

The Braves signed its final 2020 draft pick over the weekend, inking Texas righty Bryce Elder for $850,000. The 5th round pick came at quite the price (an over-slot of just over $513K), but with all four 2020 draftees now signed the Braves can now aim all of its attention on acquiring as many undrafted free agents as possible. As of Monday morning, including the four draft picks, the Braves have signed 10 players overall and spent roughly 96% of its total bonus allotment, leaving the organization with $131,000 left.


Thursday, June 18

The Braves signed three of its four draft picks on Thursday, spending $3,146,800 of its overall bonus money (or roughly 76%). 

  • Jared Shuster, LHP — $2,197,500
  • Jesse Franklin, OF — $497,500
  • Spencer Strider, RHP — $451,800

All but Strider were inked below their respective slot value (which you can check out on the Tracker Table), leaving the Braves with $981,000 left to work with. Texas righty, and 5th round pick, Bryce Elder, should at least account for a third of that total… whenever the Braves are able to strike a deal with the 21-year-old.

Regarding MLB news, also on Thursday the MLBPA countered with a proposal of its own, asking this time for a 70-game season and an expanded postseason in 2020 and 2021.


All of the details are spelled out at ESPN, but in a nutshell the players are wanting full prorated pay, a 50% stake in TV revenues for any additional playoff games in ’21, as well as a host of other concessions regarding a universal DH, opt-outs and salary-advance forgiveness. 

An agreement between the two parties seemed favorable just a day ago, but ESPN reported on Thursday that the MLBPA viewed MLB’s proposed 60-game schedule — turned in on Wednesday — as too short, resulting in this most-recent counter-offer by the union. However, it has also been relayed that commissioner Rob Manfred told the MLBPA that “70 games was simply impossible given the calendar and the public health situation.” The Players Union proposal calls for a regular season that runs from July 19 to Sept. 30, with Spring Training to begin on June 26. 

This fight just keeps going in circles…


Wednesday, June 17

A busy day for baseball all around. In what appears to be a significant bit of progress, MLB sent another proposal to the Players Union on Wednesday. 


The latest plan calls for a 60-game season, and most importantly, full prorated salaries for players. The league also wants to begin the regular season on July 19 and include 10 scheduled off days, essentially resulting in 60 games in 70 days. Nothing has been officially agreed upon, but according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the MLBPA has already agreed to waive its right to file a grievance against the league, suggesting that perhaps both sides are right on the cusp of FINALLY finding common ground. Fingers crossed!

The Braves made another signing on Wednesday, landing University of Georgia shortstop Cam Shepherd — a rather highly touted prospect during his prep days.

Shepherd, who has already been drafted twice thus far (by the Red Sox in 2016 and the Rays in 2019), was a career .261 hitter during his four seasons (198 games) at UGA, concluding his collegiate career with 22 home runs and 45 doubles. We’ll have a more in-depth profile on Shepherd Thursday morning. 


Monday, June 15

Monday morning featured a nice bit of news, as ESPN reported that MLB clubs can begin scouting amateur events again, with a max of three scouts per team.

In terms of MLB returning, MLB’s offer from Friday still stands as the most-recent proposal — a plan that involves a 72-game regular season (from mid-July to Sept. 27) and a 16-team postseason. The proposal was, of course, rejected by the MLBPA almost immediately, as the league’s call for 80% of full prorated salaries and an extra $50 million that would go to playoff teams — bringing the overall percentage to 83% — still comes up short for the Players Union. The MLBPA has made it known that they don’t intend to make a counteroffer, meaning a unilateral decision by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is most likely to come next. If Manfred makes such a decision, the 2020 season will be in the 48 to 54-game neighborhood, with players earning 100% of their prorated pay (though it’s widely expected that several players will sit out if such a short season is implemented). The ridiculousness continues as the sport’s billionaire owners squabble with millionaire players. 


Sunday, June 14

The Braves kicked off their first day of the undrafted FA signing period by landing three college players — UTIL, Landon Stephens RHP, Carter Linton 1B, Bryson Horne. All three signed for the maximum $20,000. For an in-depth look at Stephens, Linton, and Horne, check out our profile piece on all three players.

*The Braves also signed JUCO outfielder Ethan Workinger on Sunday. We have since added Workinger to the Tracker Table.


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