Braves: Both fans who ran out to approach Ronald Acuna Jr. arrested

MLB: JUN 30 Marlins at Braves

In case you missed it last night, two fans rushed the field during the Braves and Rockies game last night. It appeared they had no bad intentions and were just hoping to give Ronald Acuna Jr. a hug and take a picture with him, but rushing the field at any time is inexcusable nonetheless.

As I said last night, the real issue I have with all of this is the security or lack thereof. It should be next to impossible for anyone to get this close to one of the players in the middle of the game, let alone this easily. I’m sure MLB sent a swift email to the Rockies organization about the situation, and hopefully, we don’t see it again at any ballpark. More than anything, it sets a terrible precedent. While these two men may have not had bad intentions, someone else might.

Regardless, the intent doesn’t matter when it comes to the law. It has been confirmed today that both men who rushed Acuna have been arrested for trespassing.

Again, I don’t want to bash these two super fans. Hopefully, they learned their lesson, but the bigger issue is the security. Major League Baseball has to take this seriously and require every ballpark to take the proper measures to ensure none of the ballplayers can be harmed. Had Ronald Acuna Jr. suffered an injury of some sort, we would be having an entirely different conversation today.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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