Braves: MLB offers a new proposal for a delayed & shortened season, universal DH for 2021

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It seems that Major League Baseball has come up with a new proposal after the player’s union rejected the original.

Under this plan, Spring Training would begin on March 22nd, and the regular season would begin on April 28th. The playoffs would be expanded, but only to 14 instead of the 16 teams in 2020. The designated hitter would also be included.


I wrote about the original rejected proposal here and how that would seriously hurt Atlanta’s chances of re-signing Marcell Ozuna, but it seems that the dream is not dead just yet. There are some glaring issues with this proposal as well, as it seems a lot of players have already made travel and housing plans to go to Arizona and Florida to report — mostly pitchers and catchers. I don’t think this is very conducive to this proposal going through.

The consensus around baseball is that this offer is dead in the water. With available power hitters on the market dwindling and the season approaching quickly, Alex Anthopoulos is running out of time to sign an impact bat or even bring back Shane Greene and Mark Melancon.



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