Braves: The Yankees aren’t the only big market team with their eye on Freddie Freeman

Braves NLDS

Once the lockout ends, most people expect Freddie Freeman to sign quickly. It is certainly possible the decision regarding his future with the Braves may already be made up. Regardless, expect multiple teams with deep pockets to make a run at Atlanta’s first baseman. MLB Network’s Jon Heyman already reported last week that the Yankees are poised to make a strong push for Freeman once the lockout ends. That won’t be music to the ears of Braves fans, but this could be even worse.

In an article by Andy McCullough of The Athletic, he hints that Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was recruiting Freddie Freeman before the lockout,

This winter afforded Roberts time to think about balance. The lockout has barred him from contacting players. He saw several at Mookie Betts’ wedding. Before the lockout, he engaged in some recruiting with a free-agent class which still includes Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa and Freddie Freeman.

Roberts himself even admitted he’s done some recruiting this offseason. “I might have been on the phone with a potential free agent to let him know how much we want to have him,” Roberts said. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Of all the teams that could pry Freeman away from the Braves, the Dodgers scare me the most for a multitude of reasons. Freddie Freeman is a Southern California native; they are the Braves’ stiffest competition in the National League; they have the deepest pockets in baseball and also an opening at first base. It makes a lot of sense for them to make a run at Freeman, and I could see why it might be hard for him to say no if they come up with a mega-offer once the lockout ends.

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