Braves: Who Says No — Colorado Rockies Trade Package (Part 5)

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So far, we’ve profiled individual players in this series, but there are multiple players from the Rockies involved in this potential Braves trade. Originally, the Baltimore Orioles were going to be the fifth part of this series, but they’ve ripped off ten wins in a row — they may not be sellers. The Rockies are a different story.

Colorado sits at 40-49 in one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, and they will likely be seeking a fresh infusion of prospects into their system. Even with guys like Kris Bryant on the roster, Colorado isn’t a competitive team right now. Still, they could be looking for guys that are closer to the majors. If you missed any previous editions of this series, check it out below:

The Players

RHP Daniel Bard

Innings Pitched: 34.2

ERA: 2.08

WHIP: 1.01

FIP: 3.51

Saves: 19

IF Jose Iglesias

Slash Line: .305/.344/.384/.704

Doubles: 19

Home Runs: 3

Runs Batted In: 31

fWAR: 0.8

Two former top Boston prospects head to the Braves in this trade. It’s actually kind of wild to me that Bard is 37-years-old. I thought he was closer to 30. However, he has still been one of the better bullpen arms in baseball in 2022, and he would be a solid setup man for the Braves if the Kirby Yates experiment isn’t successful.

I thought about including Chad Kuhl as a backend starter here, but Iglesias makes a lot more sense for Atlanta. Ryan McMahon made sense as a versatile infielder and lefty bat, but he just signed a big extension with the Rockies. Iglesias isn’t a lefty, but he can play all over the infield and is having a fantastic 2022 season. He’s a great rental who is actually hitting .363 away from Coors field, so I’m not worried about his production falling off. Iglesias is more of a contact/table setter type hitter and strong defender, something that’s valuable in a Braves lineup with a lot of pop.

The Potential Braves Trade Package

#10 RHP Victor Vodnik, #15 SS Cal Conley, & #20 LHP Dylan Dodd

This feels like a pretty good balance for two rentals. Vodnik lights up radar guns, and he’s having a fantastic season in Mississippi. He could be in the majors sooner rather than later as a reliever or a starter.

Conley is a speedy, switch-hitting shortstop from the 2021 draft class. He’s a college bat that should ascend quickly.

Dodd is your lottery ticket. He was a very solid Division II pitcher in college, and the Braves made him a third-round pick in 2022. There’s a lot of upside to develop there, and like the other two guys, he could help the Rockies as early as 2022 if things go according to plan.

So, who says no?


–Photographer: Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire

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