BREAKING: Falcons hire Raheem Morris to be their next head coach

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The Falcons head coaching search has been a soap opera, but that soap opera has now come to a conclusion. According to Adam Schefter, the Falcons are set to hire Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris to be their next head coach.

Morris has an extensive coaching career that began all the way back in 1998 with Hofstra. In 2009, he got his first head coaching opportunity with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, leading them to a 10-win season in 2010. However, he was fired after going 4-12 in 2011.

Morris has a lot of familiarity with the Falcons franchise. He was the team’s passing game coordinator from 2015-2019 as well as the wide receivers coach. In 2020, he served as the Falcons defensive coordinator, and when Dan Quinn was fired mid-season, he took over as the interim head coach, going 4-7 over the final 11 games.

Following the 2020 season, the Falcons passed over Raheem Morris in their search for a new head coach, hiring Arthur Smith. Morris went on to become the defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams, leading them to a Super Bowl in 2021.

Morris’ best trait is his ability to connect with players as well as other coaches. Last week, Rams general manager raved about him to the media.

“He’s going to give any organization an edge in just how collaborative he is,” Snead said to the Los Angeles writers. “It’s going to be an edge that most teams aren’t going to be able to compete with. I know this, he’ll be able to hire an unbelievable staff.

Every coach who’s any good, who’s qualified, they’re going to want to work for Raheem. And I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of tampering charges because just about every player in the NFL’s going to text him and want to come play for him.”

Players are going to want to play with Raheem Morris, and coaches are going to want to coach with him. However, he’s still going to be tasked with the responsibility of picking the right guys to bring with him. And of course, Morris’ biggest responsibility this offseason will be helping the Falcons find a quarterback. Until that happens, it really doesn’t matter who the head coach is.

Photographer: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire

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