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Falcons: Ranking five ways to clear the cap space the Falcons need without a Julio Jones trade

There’s no clear cut number for how much cap space the Falcons need to open up to sign their draft class and ensure they are …


Matt Ryan provides vague answers amid Julio Jones trade rumors

Matt Ryan is a consummate professional, and there are exactly zero scenarios he would give anything other than the right answer to media questions. Today in his …

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Falcons Report: Peter King says “60-40 Julio Jones is traded by Labor Day”

Peter King of NBC Sports is one of the most plugged-in national reports the NFL media has. When he speaks, people tend to listen. He has been …

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Falcons: Arthur Smith discusses a potential Julio Jones trade on The Rich Eisen Show

Arthur Smith made an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show this morning, and of course, Eisen asked the burning question that is on the mind …

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Falcons: Peter King says ‘Better than 50/50 chance’ Julio Jones traded

The trade rumors circulating Julio Jones have been ongoing. The Falcons’ brass hasn’t denied fielding calls or their willingness to ship one of the greatest …

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Falcons: Cut and trade candidates following the 2021 NFL Draft

The Falcons have to free up some cap space this offseason. With a Grady Jarrett extension or restructure, the Falcons can free up enough money …


Falcons: How might the draft impact the futures of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in Atlanta

I’m sure Matt Ryan let out a big sigh of relief on Thursday night after Roger Goodell announced the selection of Kyle Pitts instead of Mac Jones …

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Could the Falcons trade Hayden Hurst?

With news that the Falcons aren’t exercising Hayden Hurst‘s fifth-year option, it’s official that Atlanta traded a second-round pick for two years of average tight …

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Report: Falcons continue to field trade offers to move back

According to Jeff Schultz of The Athletic, the Falcons have continued to hold trade talks with teams interested in moving up to the fourth pick, but …

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Falcons: Potential trade partners in a Julio Jones trade

Peter King, Albert Breer, and Steve Wyche have all reported that the Falcons are fielding calls regarding a Julio Jones trade. General manager Terry Fontenot …

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