Colts rumored to be willing to ‘sell out’ in trade for Falcons QB Matt Ryan

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Reports have already surfaced of the Colts’ interest in trading for Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan, but Johnny Venerable added that Indy may be willing to sell out to get Ryan today.

Ryan is due a $7.5 million roster bonus Monday at 4 pm, which is when the Falcons will have to decide what they want their future to look like. On the one hand, they could part ways with the best quarterback in franchise history to kickstart a rebuild with the draft assets a Ryan trade would net. On the other hand, the Falcons could look to extend Ryan and commit to him for the next four-ish years.

The latter seems increasingly unlikely as the Falcons pursued Deshaun Watson, and the Colts seem to be fully committed to the mercenary approach as they have with Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz the last two seasons. Ryan would be the best signal caller they’ve had since Andrew Luck, and it really looks to be a win-win situation.


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