Dansby Swanson pens goodbye to Braves fans

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Doing these articles is getting pretty old. It seems like every other week, a critical piece to the Braves organization is thanking the fans for their time spent in Atlanta. First, it was Kenley Jansen, who signed with the Red Sox. Then William Contreras was forced to say adieu after he was traded. And now, the kid from Atlanta is saying goodbye to his hometown after signing a seven-year, $177 million contract with the Chicago Cubs.

He also left us with this emotional video:

As the leader of the Dansby Swanson fan club, this one brings a tear to my eye, but I also understand why both parties decided to move on.

The Braves weren’t about to offer $25+ million a season… at least not over seven years. Swanson will need to be an All-Star consistently over the duration of his next contract to be worth what the Cubs ultimately gave him. I’m not sure that’s who he is. The Braves had a number, and they were not going to go higher, which I respect.

On the flip side, Swanson likely would have taken a discount to stay in Atlanta, but he wasn’t about to leave $50+ million on the table. While some fans might complain about his loyalty, none of them would have turned down that kind of money. Everyone would have followed the green; Swanson did what was best for himself and his family. You have to respect it.

The memories Swanson made in Atlanta will last forever. A kid from Kennesaw, he got to live out the dream of millions, going #1 overall and helping his city to their first championship since 1995. Every kid that picks up a baseball hopes they can one day play shortstop for their hometown team. Swanson did it, and he did it very well, blossoming into the best shortstop in franchise history. He’ll always have a fan in me, and I hope his success continues in the Windy City.

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