Falcons 2023 Offseason: One Free Agent, One Draft Pick, One Trade — Quarterback

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The Falcons are at a crossroads. Desmond Ridder has shown some flashes, but he is far from a sure thing. Atlanta has a ton of money to spend, but will they spend it on a quarterback? The answer is probably not, considering Arthur Smith’s system. This is going to be a series, so naturally, we’re starting with quarterback. Marcus Mariota, thankfully, likely will not be back. The Falcons are pretty much wide open here, so let’s have some fun.

One Free Agent: Lamar Jackson

Yeah, let’s get this pipe dream out of the way. Jackson hasn’t come to an agreement with the Ravens, but they could still franchise tag him again for a pretty penny. Regardless, if he does hit free agency, he would be an insane addition to the Falcons and create some excitement at the position. I think Taylor Heinicke, who I wanted before he signed his last extension, would be a great option as well. If not, expect the Falcons to roll with Ridder again next season to see if he can develop into their guy. Someone like Gardner Minshew would make sense as a backup.

One Draft Pick: Anthony Richardson

The Falcons are at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to the draft. I like a couple of the guys available in the middle rounds, but at that point, why wouldn’t you just roll with Desmond Ridder again? I don’t know if Richardson would be a good pick in the top ten, but if they can trade back into the end of the first round and grab him, he has a lot of upside and could be a franchise guy. I really don’t love a lot of the options at quarterback in this draft, but that would defeat the point of this series.

One Trade: Trey Lance

The Falcons were connected to Trey Lance before the 49ers jumped them in the draft and took him, and so far, they’ve found success with Jimmy G and Brock Purdy. Lance seems like a luxury at this point, and the 49ers could look to recoup some of the picks they spent to acquire Lance. Nobody really knows what he is right now, so his value is obviously lower than it was going into the 2021 draft. I’d consider making the move if the price is right.

Photographer: David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

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