Hawks: Travis Schlenk stepping down as General Manager and moving into an advisory role

Atlanta Hawks Trae Young

In a surprising move, it looks like Landry Fields will be running the show in Atlanta:

Schlenk has had some huge wins and some failures in Atlanta. The 2021 Hawks were built very well after a good offseason, but it has been difficult for Atlanta to maintain that level of success. Right now, the Kevin Huerter trade looks like a considerable black eye on Schlenk’s resumé. With the way the Hawks are playing, the Dejounte Murray trade may be too without first round picks to replinish what is frankly a bad roster.

Even with the negatives, it’s hard for me to call Schlenk’s tenure a failure. The Hawks got to an Eastern Conference Finals and gave the eventual champs all they could handle. This team is stacked with young talent, and they don’t really have any albatross contracts on the books. Schlenk was a good GM, and although Fields is running the show now, I have no doubt that Schlenk will still have an important role within the organization.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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