Falcons announce dates for red helmet throwbacks

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The Falcons haven’t done much right since the franchise’s inception, especially as of late, but there is one thing they’ve knocked out of the park — the red helmets.

I am of the opinion the Falcons should make them permanent, but I digress.

Tommy Nobis and the ’60s teams didn’t win much when they donned the red helmets for the first time, but the lids are forever enshrined in Falcons lure. The throwbacks are the best jerseys the Falcons have ever had, and there’s no sense arguing.

What’s even crazier? They’re some of the best-looking threads in all of football, but the team also boasts some of the ugliest uniforms — the gradients.

It was a colossal mistake, but the club has rectified it. According to Arthur Smith on Chris Long‘s podcast, the team won’t be wearing the gradient jerseys this season; back to the throwbacks, which are coming back three times in 2023.

The team announced on Thursday via Twitter they’ll wear the red lids against the Packers at home in Week 2,  at home against the Commanders in Week 6, and for the final time following the team’s bye week against their first matchup against the Saints in Week 12.


It’s incredible to see NFL teams revert to their throwbacks. The Falcons, Seahawks, Titans (Oilers), Eagles, Buccaneers, and Bengals have some of the prettiest throwbacks/alternates in the league. It’s crazy that the NFL is just now allowing clubs to use them; all it does is make the league more money. Thankfully, it seems they’re coming to their senses.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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