Falcons: Arthur Smith is already using Kyle Pitts all over the field


In a bit of news that should serve as a surprise to absolutely nobody, the take I had before the draft even happened seems to be coming true: You can’t call Kyle Pitts a tight end. It’s almost insulting.

Arthur Smith is undoubtedly one of the most creative minds in the NFL, and I expected him to use Kyle Pitts in many ways. I already broke down how Kyle Pitts fits on the boundary, and it’s even more important that he makes an impact in that role with Julio Jones no longer in Atlanta. I have to imagine Pitts is:

  • Being motioned out wide
  • Lining up in-line
  • Flexing as a wing
  • Lining up on the boundary
  • Lining up in the slot
  • Maybe taking snaps out of the backfield

That’s the appeal to Kyle Pitts — he’s such a freak athlete for his size, his wingspan is possibly the best in NFL history for a skill player, and he has an incredible catch radius. Pitts can be moved almost anywhere. It was never in doubt that he would play all over Arthur Smith’s offense, but it’s nice to see he’s being used in many ways early and often.

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