Falcons Potential Draft Target: CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

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The Falcons head into draft season with few holes on the roster. Terry Fontenot has done well in rounding it out to put the team in a position to take the best player available, an approach the Falcons will always use. This continues a series focusing on potential draft targets, moving on to Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez. Click the other prospects below to read more about them.

Christian Gonzalez

The skinny on Gonzalez is how exceptionally athletic and fluid he is in and out of breaks. He possesses all of the skills and attitude, which is important for corners in the NFL, to become a shutdown cover man.

To me, he’s the top player at his position. He’s got all of the measurables that teams value in corners, with exceptional length that doesn’t compromise his movement. I think the most impressive aspect of his game is how effortless he looks transitioning; everything is fluid.

There aren’t many aspects of his game to knock. He’s a willing run defender and thrives in most facets of coverage. He’s a little light in the ass, which could pose an issue against big bodied possession receivers.

The Falcons don’t have an immediate need for a cornerback. A.J. Terrell is the future of the position and will receive a lucrative contract as soon as next offseason. Casey Hayward is under contract for the 2023 season, and the Falcons just signed Mike Hughes to a two-year deal. Those are three starters. The team also has a decent amount of depth at the position in Cornell Armstrong and Darren Hall.

Still, the future of the position isn’t clear. Terrell is the only one in the long-term plans; Christian Gonzelez could form one of the most talented cornerback duos in the league. It would solidify the position for years and give the Falcons defense a real strength. The pass rush has been the butt of jokes over the past few seasons, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. A consistent pass rush has two key elements — pressure and coverage. You can’t have one without the other, and Gonzalez is a massive step in the right direction.


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