Falcons were reportedly offered a first-round pick for Julio Jones, but not for next year

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At this point, I totally understand if you’re completely lost when it comes to the Julio Jones trade rumors. Some outlets are saying the Falcons will get a first-round pick and unload his entire salary, others say teams are offering a mid-round pick and asking Atlanta to eat a large portion of Jones’ salary. The truth most likely lies somewhere in the middle.

It was reported last week by ESPN’s Dianna Russini that the Falcons have a first-round pick on the table for Jones.

That very well may be true, but it doesn’t look like that first-round pick was for the next draft in 2022. Chris Mortenson reportedly said on 680 The Fan this afternoon that Atlanta was offered a first-round pick but it was for a future draft — I would assume in 2023.

If I had to guess, the Falcons are probably debating between a 2023 first-round selection or a 2022 second-round pick. In either scenario, I would expect Terry Fontenot to rid of most — if not all — of Jones’ salary. Atlanta may seem desperate to trade Julio because of what occurred on FS1’s Undisputed, but they technically don’t have to. Terry Fontenot isn’t going to accept some lowball offer. This is a pivotal moment for a first-year GM, and he has to get it right. Accepting a mid-round pick and eating salary for one of the best receivers in the league is certainly not getting it right.

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