Former Hawk Rajon Rondo allegedly pulled gun on mother of his children

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Rajon Rondo is back in the headlines. The former Hawks point guard allegedly pulled a gun on the mother of his children and threatened to kill her during an argument, which was visible to their kids.

Rondo signed with Atlanta in November 2020 after winning a bubble championship with the Lakers, but it wasn’t successful. Eventually, Rondo and his $15 million contract were traded to the Clippers for Lou Williams. However, shortly after signing with the Hawks, Rondo was making headlines over a dispute with a woman who was suing the two-time champion for assault.

Ashley Bachelor, Rondo’s former longtime girlfriend and mother of his two children, filed for an emergency protective order in response to the most recent altercation.

This doesn’t necessarily confirm the incident occurred; rather, the court temporarily grants these Emergency Protective Orders until the parties can be brought before a judge.

TMZ reports that Rondo was playing a video game with his son when Bachelor asked the boy to separate his laundry, which infuriated Rondo and resulted in destructive behavior. He left home and returned with a gun and proceeded to threaten Bachelor until her parents returned home. Eventually, he left the residence.

For what it’s worth, Rondo hasn’t been named a suspect in any crime by the police and hasn’t been arrested.

Photographer: Mark Halmas/Icon Sportswire
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