Friday Rant: If MLB banks on DraftKings, Pete Rose should be a Hall of Famer


Daily fantasy sports is essentially legalized gambling, which is frustrating. Do not get me wrong, I am a gambling man. I fully support legalized gambling. I think if someone wants to risk their money, they should have the right to do so. I do not have a gambling problem, but the hobby goes hand in hand with my love for sports.

What I do not support is hypocrisy, and I think we have a prime case of this going on with Major League Baseball. Two years ago, the MLB signed a five-year contract with DraftKings. They have increased their stakes in the company as well so they can profit on the rise of daily fantasy sports. You see DraftKings promoted on just about any platform the MLB provides, whether it be MLB Network, or their website. Many ballparks promote DraftKings as well.

This would be fine if it did not contradict the MLB’s stance on sports gambling. Many states have tried to shut down daily fantasy sports, but it seems the industry has found the perfect loophole, and the MLB is playing the role of being naive. There is no doubt why the MLB likes it. It brings the sport money, and perhaps more importantly, popularity.

I have no problem with the MLB riding the money train with DraftKings. It may not be the wisest way to spend your money, but it sure is fun. I just think it is pretty screwed up that the MLB promotes DraftKings, but Pete Rose remains ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose was literally the Russell Westbrook of baseball. By far the ultimate competitor. There is no way this dude was throwing games.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. Rob Manfred denied his reinstatement attempt two years ago. In my opinion, Major League Baseball had the perfect opportunity back in 2015 to reinstate Rose, who was 74 at the time, while the All-Star Game was being held in Cincinatti. Not only would this have brought crazy attention to the event, it would have given baseball a clean slate going forward with being progressive towards sports betting. After all, Commissioner Rob Manfred even has come out and admitted he has been re-examining their stance on legalized gambling. The MLB had the perfect out, but they did not take it. It is a damn shame, and very hypocritical.

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