Friday Rant: The MLB playoff proposal is a money grab joke

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It’s really gotten to the point that every time Rob Manfred opens his mouth it gets worse and worse.

I honestly did not mind the sanctions he laid out for the Braves and their international signing violations. That is not where my beef with him started. I would actually say I was late to the party. It began when he decided to make these ridiculous proposals such as placing runners on base during extra innings.

I will go on the record and say I may legitimately not be able to watch baseball if that happens. The notion in itself is absolutely ludicrous.

I will say it now Manfred: stop worrying about the average Joe watching their first game because it’s “too long”, and focus on the fanbase you do have. You’re losing us man! If you’re 30 years old and did not grow up a baseball fan, the reality is you will probably never be a baseball fan.

Obviously, that is not what this article is all about. I did not think it was possible for Manfred to look even worse than he did after botching the Astros situation, but now he is officially just a certified idiot.

Manfred wants to expand the MLB playoffs. But really what he wants is more revenue. TV money baby! What other explanation could there be for wanting two more teams from each league in the playoffs?

Frankly, there may already be too many teams in the MLB playoffs. Adding the Wild Card was fine, and fun, though I will make the argument that anything can happen in just one game of baseball. But that’s okay. This proposal is not. This would essentially turn the MLB into the NBA and take away from the importance of the long grind of a 162 game MLB season.

Then you get into the byes and the teams having the ability to choose what team they play against. What is this an All-Star game? Utterly ridiculous.

Manfred is a joke, and a ton of star MLB players are not shy about calling him out regarding his actions this offseason. It is pathetic, and I have honestly never seen anything like it. The worst thing I have seen since the NBA allowed advertisements on the jerseys. A pure money grab.

The MLB seriously has to consider finding a replacement for Manfred. He is ruining the game of baseball, a cardinal sin.

The winner here? Roger Goodell. He is looking better than ever.

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