Hawks: Bogdan Bogdanović’s hot hand and pesky defense could be the key to a Hawks victory in Game 5

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One of my favorite signings this past offseason was Bogdan Bogdanović, who was downright incredible for the Hawks during the regular season. The Serbian Sniper shot close to 44% from beyond the arc during the regular season, and he kept it going against the Knicks. Bogi averaged 14.4 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3.8 assists in the gentleman’s sweep.

Unfortunately, a knee injury struck after Bogdanović missed a big chunk of the season with a fractured kneecap. Especially after losing De’Andre Hunter to a torn meniscus, this was sending Hawks fans into a frenzy. Bogi gutted it out, and although he was very ineffective at times, he looked like the star player he is against the Bucks in Game 4. Not only was Bogdanović nailing some tough shots, but he was also an absolute menace on defense.

Bogdanović now leads the entire playoffs in total steals, and although he was hobbled for a while, he was still making hustle plays. Although clearly bothered by the knee against the Bucks, Bogi got a clutch steal and zipped the ball to Trae for an insane John Collins lob in Game 1.


When the Hawks were without Trae Young in Game 4, someone had to step up. John Collins has been fantastic, but he finished with four points — only making two of his eight shots. If you had told me the Hawks would have been without Trae and Collins would be almost silent offensively, I would have thought the Hawks were the team that lost 110-88.

Once again, it was a team effort for the Hawks; these guys play for each other and pick their teammates up. Bogdanović doesn’t have to be perfect, but if he plays to the level he did defensively in Game 4 and cans six of his three-pointers — I like Atlanta’s chances even more in Game 5.

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