Hawks Draft Targets: Tyrell Terry

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On a Zoom call with the media, Hawks GM Travis Schlenk commented on where the Hawks need to improve. One of those areas was 3 point shooting.

One player the Hawks could target on Wednesday is Stanford guard Tyrell Terry. He is a knockdown shooter and has the potential to be a good guard in the modern NBA.


3-Point Shooting: Terry has the potential to be a game-changing three-point shooter. He fits the mold of someone like Seth Curry, who has carved a role for the Mavericks being their go to scorer and shooter off the bench. In his freshman year, Terry displayed he can knock down three-point shots off screens and be a consistent scoring threat.

Off-Ball Movement: Terry is excellent at manipulating defenders and running off screens to get open shots. Like the Curry brothers, he has a unique and clever way of getting open with head fakes and body movement to catch his man off guard, whip around a screen, and knock down shots.

Defensive Competitiveness: Terry was very active as a defender at Stanford. He consistently stays in a defensive stance and makes an effort to defend on the ball and off the ball. Opponents will try to exploit his size on defense, but Terry seems up to the challenge in most situations.


Size and Strength:  Terry is not a big guard. He measures in at 6’2 and 175 pounds and doesn’t have an official wingspan measurement. NBA offenses will look to exploit Terry on defense and try to get him switched on bigger guards and wings. This is the most significant weakness Terry has as a prospect and a big reason why guards his size have limited potential.

Offensive Versatility: Terry needs to develop a consistent step back and pull up jumper to upgrade his arsenal on offense. He mostly made shots in catch and shoot situations at Stanford and needs to add other elements to his game.

Team Fit

If the Hawks draft Tyrell Terry, the elephant in the room would be that he is a worse version of Trae Young. A small, elite shooter and scorer who will get exposed on the defensive end. I’m not sure the Hawks would take Terry at #6, but if they trade down, he might be an option late in the lottery. Terry could come in and provide the Hawks a spark off the bench, but I am not sure he fits well into the current makeup Atlanta has constructed.

Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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