Hawks: Trae Young among favorites for the three-point contest

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Trae Young is going to be an extremely busy man this All-Star weekend and for many more to come. He will be competing in the Rising Stars Challenge to kick things off, the Three-Point Contest on Saturday, and of course, he is starting in the All-Star Game on Sunday as a member of Team Giannis.

Wednesday, the odds were released for the Three-Point Contest, and Trae Young is listed as one of the early favorites at 5/1, just behind last year’s winner Joe Harris and Damian Lillard at 7/2.

Now, Trae Young may not have as high of a three-point shooting percentage as some of the other contestants (37% this year and 34.6% for his career), but if you watch many Hawks games, you are well aware that most of his threes aren’t coming from spot-up jumpers around the three-point line. He’s usually pulling up from 30+ feet off the dribble with a hand in his face. But when he does have the opportunity catch-and-shoot, he’s the best at it.

As we know though, a lot more goes into this competition than just the numbers. There’s a lot of pressure on that stage; however, Young seems to be one that thrives in the spotlight. He also might have a little added edge because he was picked last among the All-Star starters yesterday. There’s nothing wrong with being the tenth best player out of that group, but you know Young isn’t thinking about it that way.



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