Hawks: What will determine how much Trae Young’s extension is worth

dkf190930006 hawks media day

As expected, the Hawks signed Trae Young to a five-year max-contract extension last night, which will pay him $207 million in total… IF he makes an All-NBA team next season, something he has yet to do in his career.

If he does not, Young will make the same $172 million over five years that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander received from the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. There are a lot of fantastic guards in the league, so it’s far from a guarantee, but as long as Young stays healthy, I expect him to finally get his due next season. Many faulty narratives were surrounding Young entering last season; people saying he couldn’t win, and his stats were empty, but nobody can say that now after the way he performed in his first playoffs, leading the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals. That stretch earned him a lot of respect around the world, which will help him out come voting time for All-NBA teams next year.

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