Jeff Teague: A Star in The Making (January ’15)

On, there was recently an article regarding the under-the-radar superstar of the Atlanta Hawks. The man the article praised was Al Horford. Horford’s stats may not be eye popping but his influence on the court on both sides of the ball is undeniable. But is he the only under the radar superstar of the Hawks? Jeff Teague has been great all season, but recently we have seen an uptick in both his scoring and assists numbers.



In the month of January, Teague is averaging nearly twenty points a game and eight and a half assists a game. Those kind of numbers are not just All-Star worthy, they are superstar worthy. With Teague hovering around 48 percent shooting on the year, he has shot better than all but one point guard in the league (Stephen Curry) that scores at least as many points as he does. The point is Jeff Teague is not just putting up great statistics, but doing so at an efficient rate for one of the best teams in the NBA this year. If you happen to watch him match up with one of the top tier point guards in the game today, you might be surprised what you see. He is a match-up nightmare and can get to the bucket against anybody in the league. Jeff Teague is a top three point-gaurd in the Eastern Conference along with Kyle Lowry and John Wall, and is on the fringe of being a top-10 point guard overall, if not there already.

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