How does the Miami-San Francisco trade impact the Falcons 4th overall pick?

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In case you missed it, the Dolphins are receiving three first-round picks and a third-round pick in exchange for the third overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft.

This trade cuts two ways. I’ve talked about Trey Lance‘s fit under Kyle Shanahan a few times now, and I truly think they’re a match made in heaven. If anyone can max out his sky-high potential, it’s Shanahan. However, recent rumblings suggest the 49ers actually could be considering Mac Jones with the third overall pick. I’m not convinced, but it’s in play.

That would be quite the shake up, but either way, the table for the value of the Falcons’ fourth overall selection has been set. It’s almost a certainty that a QB will be taken with the first three picks, but that still leaves a couple of fantastic prospects available, and the Falcons have all the leverage in the world.

Teams like the Broncos, Lions, Patriots, and Panthers are all behind the Falcons in the draft and in the market for a new QB, meaning a full-out bidding war could ensue. Atlanta might be able to drive the price up even further, possibly getting even more than the 49ers received; although, I would be perfectly fine if they were able to get something similar.

If the Falcons can turn one miserable season into two or three first-round picks plus additional capital, I don’t see how they can turn that down. After all, they’ll likely be in a very similar position again next year if Matt Ryan truly is declining as fast as some believe. The opportunity cost of taking a quarterback is too high not to trade back at this point.

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