How much money do the Falcons have left to spend this offseason?

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The Falcons have continued to bolster their roster over the last week, even if there haven’t been any big splashes like there were over the first couple of days of free agency. The roster is rounding itself out before the draft, but Terry Fontenot isn’t done yet. The Falcons are reportedly one of several teams considering a trade for DeAndre Hopkins, but even if that falls through, Atlanta has the cap room to make at least one more significant addition.

According to Over The Cap, following the Falcons most recent wave of signings, they still have nearly $22 million in cap space.

Now, not all of that can be sent on free agency. The Falcons need around $5 million to sign their rookie class. They’ll also want to leave a lot of money aside for midseason acquisitions.

Let’s say they leave $4 million aside for in-season additions, which is more than reasonable. That leaves the Falcons with about $13 million left to spend on free agent or trade acquisitions, which is more than enough to significantly bolster the roster. As Kendall notes, there are still a plethora of pass rushers remaining on the market, and DeAndre Hopkins remains a possibility, which would fill one of the Falcons biggest needs at wide receiver.

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