MLB power ranks the postseason teams

Freddie Freeman

Before this weekend’s festivities are underway, MLB recently power ranked the remaining 12 teams still fighting for their lives. 

  1. Dodgers
  2. Astros
  3. Braves
  4. Yankees
  5. Mets
  6. Cardinals
  7. Blue Jays
  8. Guardians
  9. Mariners
  10. Padres
  11. Rays
  12. Phillies

There is a consensus top three in the Dodgers, Astros, and Braves. Because I’m biased, I would have the Braves on top, followed by the Astros, and then the Dodgers. But either way, those are the three strong favorites to win the World Series.

After that, these rankings can vary depending on who you ask. I would have the Yankees way further down. They are not a good baseball team. I would move the Mets up to four and the Blue Jays up to five. The rest seems pretty fair to me. The Phillies should undoubtedly be last, but don’t be surprised if the Rays surprise some people.

Photographer: John Adams/Icon Sportswire

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