My fix for the College Football Playoff format

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As we prepare for another seemingly inevitable Clemson-Alabama rematch in the Natty, folks are calling for an 8 team expansion to the college football playoff. I don’t really agree with this notion — we barely have 3 good teams as it is, and one only played 6 games (even though it’s obvious that Kevin Warren being a moron led to that). Same with last year, LSU absolutely smoked Oklahoma.

There’s no consensus on what should happen to the playoffs. I think 8 teams is a terrible idea. On the other side of that coin, I want to see the G5 get a shot. With the news that Cincy is being left out and UCF never getting a chance either, what do these teams even have to play for? Here’s the format I created to at least put a little more excitement into the process if we’re gonna have Alabama v Clemson again.


  1. First Round BYE
  2. First Round BYE
  3. At Large
  4. At Large
  5. At Large
  6. G5 At Large

I’m not a fan of automatic qualifiers, but why even bother ranking the G5 in the CFP polls if it’s clear they’ll never get more than an NY6 bowl? The 3-5 At Large seeds could either be other conference champions or a team like Texas A&M this season. This also allows a sort of “playoff outside of the playoff” when it’s clear that two teams like Clemson or Alabama are (seemingly) head and shoulders above their competition. In 2020, this is what the playoff could look like:


  1. Alabama (BYE)
  2. Clemson (BYE)


Game 1: #3 Ohio State vs #6 Cincinnati

Game 2: #4 Notre Dame vs #5 Texas A&M


Then the winners advance, lowest seed plays Alabama and highest plays Clemson and you have a 4 team playoff. It expands the playoffs, but not by so much that it waters them down. Cincinnati gets a chance against an in-state opponent who is undeserving in the eyes of some (not myself, personally) and we settle the Notre Dame vs Texas A&M debate on the field.

Or we can just keep watching the same two teams every year. I’ll take the extra football.

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